My Wife's Nuts

What you're saying

"I absolutley love 'My Wife's Nuts', and look forward to giving them as gifts every holiday season, as well as enjoying them myself!  The perfect complement to a vodka martini!" E.S., California

"When I have guests and they happen to grab some of My Wife's Nuts it usually stops them in their tracks. Even the most talkative among them simply pause and inquire with urgency about where I got them. Then they eat some more…." Oliver, Venice, Beach

"The only problem with My Wife's Nuts is stopping.
The world's most addictive food made from something that's actually good for you.
You will crave them." Anita C., Chicago, IL

Made By Hand. Made to Order.

No one is quite sure where the recipe originated.
Like all great cooks though, my wife gives credit
to her Grandmother’s kitchen and to the fond memories
of the holidays in her native Denmark.

Made from the best, freshest ingredients we can buy,
My Wife’s Nuts “12 Step Almonds”
are crafted by hand in small batches.
We hope you enjoy eating them as much as
we enjoy making them for you.

We currently offer several different sizes to satisfy your craving:

The Go Bag- 14 ounces of pure addiction that fits a standard cup holder.
Very dangerous if you’re stuck in traffic.

The Personal Stash- 24 ounce resealable bag.
Easy to hide in a sock drawer so you can keep them all to yourself.

The Share Pack- 2 pounds of My Wife’s Nuts (32 ounces) will make your next party one to remember.

* Contact us about larger orders and special pricing and packaging.